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Simon Huggins for Yarra
Oscar+Martin and The Harpoons
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Simon Huggins for Yarra

Simon Huggins for Yarra

Oscar + Martin
From critically acclaimed musical ensemble Psuche come the wonky pop duo Oscar + Martin.Retaining the musical elements that made Psuche's 2009 debut such a compelling listen, the new duo Oscar + Martin create music full of joy and childlike profundity.  
Live they are a blend of analogue keyboards, tape loops, toy instruments and percussion both complex and driving, the songs lush with textured detail that rubs up against a hip hop sensibility. Psuche are exploring new musical territory but aren't afraid of making you want to dance.

This year Oscar + Martin will make your heart beat faster with hypnotic live shows, exciting collaborations and some beautiful releases permeating your ears.

Their debut album For You is out now through Two Bright Lakes/Remote Control.

The Harpoons
In the tradition of the great voices heard from Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia, and with an ear for modern RnB production techniques, The Harpoons make some of the finest pop R'n'B we've heard in a long time. Brothers Henry and Jack Madin write undeniable boppers and ballads that burst with harmony and a shared knowledge only siblings seem to have. Bec Rigby's arresting vocals are sometimes bellowing sometimes heart-melting and Martin King (Oscar + Martin) provides the backbone for the songs. The Harpoons blew everyone's socks off when they released their debut EP back in 2009 playing alongside Soko (US), Dr. Dog (US), Adam Green (US) and at the Meredith Music Festival as well as their own packed out shows.

After a year off spent writing and kicking the footy around with producer Nick Huggins, The Harpoons will release their debut LP through Two Bright Lakes in 2012.

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