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Windrush Promotions

Leo Parry AKA Boover Banton

Leo caught the sound system bug at the early age of 10 years old in 1972 in Birmingham (United Kingdom), where he was born. Skipping his Friday Night boy’s brigade meetings to regularly attend what has become known as the legendary Canterbury Sessions where Quaker City Sound System used to host the early sessions taking on all comers. These were the heydays of sound system when toasting was just emerging with the likes of I Roy and U Roy running things.

Leo was captivated by U Roy and wanted to emulate his hero, so the toaster in Leo was born in that cellar at Canterbury where the lickle yout as he was called, first touched the mic.

Moving to London 2 years later he found that his school was once again at the hub of the sound system scene with Jah Tubby holding court at Edith Carvel School, and the youth club around the corner known as Richmond Club.

On occasion touching the mic for Warrior Hi Fi Leo was determined to make his name on the sound circuit. Walking home from school Leo often walked past Third World Record Shop in Stoke Newington which happened to be owned by Roy Shirley, an early day’s rock steady veteran. Shirley was a good friend of the family so Leo used spend many a hour in the shop checking out the tunes and rubbing shoulders with all the sound men who used to pass through, and check out the lickle yout as he used to toast to the riddims been played in the shop.

Another 2 years passed and Leo with his family moved to Cardiff South Wales where his reputation as a toaster gathered momentum and would see Leo travelling to Bristol, Gloucester and Manchester with his sound system Lion Heart. Buro Banton was the MC of the day carrying the swing and liking the way Burro’s name sounded Leo found a name that sat well with him and Boover Banton was born in 1979.

Returning to London on his own, Boover started to make his way up the MC league busting the mic for Intrepid Rebel for a short while before gracing the stage with Gemi Magic who was at the time one of the UK’S biggest sounds.

By the late eighties Leo was producing and writing records and for a short time pop stardom beckoned. Leo has never lost his love for good roots reggae music and now living in Melbourne, Australia is looking forward to help develop the scene down under.

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