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Triple R & Little General

Triple R & Little General

On a bad day - Sunny Leunig was born to two disappointed parents in Melbourne.   He was a fairly average student, always finished fourth in school sports and currently lives alone in Melbourne.

On a good day - Sunny Leunig is a Musician, filmmaker, actor, magician and philosopher (Magosopher) - although not necessarily in that order.  He is currently writing/presenting  a 6-part TV series Where do the Rabbits Go? with Ghost Pictures (He died with a felafel in his hand, John Safran vs God, Autoluminescent).  His first formal interview with a musician was with an Irish guy called Bono. His father Michael is trying to deal with people constantly recognising him as the dad of Sunny the Magician and Philosopher.

Jacinta Parsons began broadcasting with Triple R on the Australian music show, Local and/or General in 2006. She has since hosted Dynamite and currently hosts Detour on Wednesday morning. As well as broadcasting at Triple R, when she's not birthing the next generation, Jacinta works at the station in the music department as the live-to air coordinator and assists with music related programming.

Natalie Camilleri decided to stay out of the music business for 34 years!
Having grown up with her musician father, Joe Camilleri, and after marrying a drummer (Pete Luscombe) it was a destiny that she avoided until it was impossible to avoid any longer.  The Story So Far… is her first project as creator and producer and is the culmination of being involved and surrounded by the music that has been so influential in her life.

The Story So Far… is an entertaining live chat show that takes an in-depth look at the impacts and influences on some of Australia’s most interesting artists as they take us on a journey through their lives.

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