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Next Wave Festival
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Next Wave Festival

Next Wave Festival

Next Wave challenges our understanding of what art can be. We support young and emerging artists to create urgent, risky, generous, ambitious and essential art.

Since 1984, Next Wave has pushed back on established ideas and practices — studying, questioning and shifting. This is where unique development programs and a bold festival meet. Our refined arts development programs help young artists explore their potential, ultimately presenting their work to a massive arts-loving community in our festival.

The Supertone Team

Rennie McDougall : Choreographer/Performer
Rennie is interested in engaging with an evolving contemporary dance language as a performer, choreographer and teacher. He has worked extensively with Phillip Adams BalletLab, Lucy Guerin Inc., Chunky Move and Luke George. He has also created short works for Lucy Guerin Inc. and Next Wave Festival's Sports Club Project.

James Shannon : Performer
Lilian Steiner : Performer
Lily Paskas : Performer
Paula Lay : Performer
Rose Connors Dance : Lighting Designer
Roxzan Bowes : Stage Manager
Simon Charles
: Sound Designer

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Website: nextwave.org.au

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