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Globe Players
Hitler: The Tragedy of Geli Raubal
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Globe Players

In the words of prominent theatre critic, Catherine Lambert of the Sunday Herald-Sun, Enzo Condello is ‘without doubt, a great writer’. Following the success with his ‘Dark Lady of the Sonnets’ (now on the VCE curriculum) and the Senecan style, ‘Nero Conspiracy’, we bring you Condello’s latest tragedy: a romantic drama in Shakespearean style about Adolf Hitler’s ill-fated love-affair with his niece, Geli Raubal.

Director and Production Co-ordinator: Jason Freddi
Jason has a strong background in Shakespeare and Elizabethan theatre. He has 12 years reading with the Melbourne Shakespeare Society and more recently completed a PhD, soon to be a book, on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He has produced and directed a Hamlet, and As You Like It, which toured regionally. In Shakespeare in Italy, coproduced with the National Trust he played the male lead, and has directed musical theatre: ‘Dying Love Lives Still: the Songs of William Shakespeare, and most recently, Mr Jimmy, also at Trades Hall. His interest in renaissance theatre has reached back to a Mock Mummers Play with 65 performers, and the 16th Century morality play, ‘The Marriage of Wit and Wisdom’, with Richard Divall contributing original musical settings.

Assistant Director and Dramaturg: Paul Robeuck
Formerly of Melbourne State College (now University of Melbourne)and with five decades experience in the theatre, beginning with the Elizabethan Players in the early 1960s.

Composer: Dario Ogrin


Hitler -  Greig Stark
A trained actor originally from Edinburgh, UK.Now based in Melbourne Australia. Recent performances include: Blasted by Sarah Kane; Head Chef, Le KitchenShort Film, VCA, Steven in Egg, Short Film, VCA; Officer Randy in Sweet Steal, Short Film, VCA,

Geli - Jenna Rothwell
Originally from the UK, Jenna has done an abundance of shows for entertaining children with many school tours, playing parts of Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast as well as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella andTinkerbell at the Polly Woodside for a children's production. Onstage in London she has recently played, Catherine in THE DRINKING GAMEfor Broadway Studio and Rose Wicksteedfor Company Antics.

Eva -  Kyrie Caprie

Himmler - Jai O'Keefe

Goebells - Justin Johnstone

Angela - Maria Papas

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