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Emma Dean & Jake Diefenbach
An End to Dreaming
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Emma Dean & Jake Diefenbach

Emma Dean & Jake Diefenbach

"Welcome, my friend, to the end of the world.  Went with a sigh that nobody heard." (The Devil You Know)

An End To Dreaming is a fantastical pop fairytale.  It is also the musical marriage that was destined to be between pop cabaret princess, Emma Dean, and Green Room Award winner, Jake Diefenbach.

Brisbane-based Emma and Jake are a modern-day Hansel and Gretel, following a trail of breadcrumbs from darkness into the light.  Like tales from a compendium of Brothers Grimm classics, An End To Dreaming is a collection of 10 musical short stories.  

But An End To Dreaming ventures where even heroes fear to tread.  

Emma and Jake's long-term collaboration has matured into An End To Dreaming, a lush and addictive piece of fantastical pop theatre, where both Emma and Jake's experience and knack for the darkly flamboyant are centre stage.

"Courage is when you are feeling so afraid, but you take your own hand and you jump in any way." (An End To Dreaming)

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