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The Aerial Maps

The Aerial Maps


The Aerial Maps are a Sydney band based around the vocals and lyrics of Adam Gibson, with Simon Holmes (ex Hummingbirds), Simon Gibson, Sean Kennedy, Tim Byron, AJ Johnsen and Lucy Lehmann on board in various musical capacities. The band is influenced by the bright landscapes and long distances of Australia, of the like described by bands such as the Triffids, the Go-Betweens, Midnight Oil and MFTCC plus the sparser work of the likes of Not Drowning Waving and the Necks, and also, importantly, the folk sensibility of the lyrics of Mick Thomas.

The debut album, "In the Blinding Sunlight" (released by Melbourne's Popboomerang Records), is a collection of 12 songs covering a wide range of ideas, topics, places and time zones ... from Brisbane in the night, to Barcelona in the afternoon, from Berlin bus-stops to Bondi pubs.

The common linking thing is an honest sensibility that seeks to strip away pretense and speak as directly as possible about how things are or were or at least seem to have been when accessed through the haze of memory (or vodka).

Thus, it's a widescreen view of the world - as seen from an Australian standpoint - and we believe there's no better view available than that.

Website: http://www.blindingsunlight.com/

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