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Fred Smith

Fred Smith

Fred Smith is a favorite on the Australian festival circuit.  He is the subject of a documentary film about his experiences on peace keeping operations in the war-torn islands of the South Pacific where his work as a musician and radio broadcaster contributed to the success of the world’s first ever unarmed peace keeping force. 

Smith’s natural melodic and lyrical style, reflect the influence of his early immersions in the albums of the great songsmiths, particularly Paul Kelly, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen.   He has recently returned from 18 months working as a diplomat and political adviser in Afghanistan with a powerful collection of songs about the Australian experience in this complex war.
Fred Smith is the most interesting folk musician working in Australia. In tune with the times and prepared to reach beyond predictable folk formats, he is endlessly innovative and creative. He is also very funny.  Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald
One should seriously consider purchasing Bagarap Empires.  Especially if you are, or would like to be, a songwriter, just to hear how good it sounds when it’s done really well. Mike Cooper, ROOTS magazine (UK)

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Website: http://www.fredsmith.com.au/

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