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Lee Gambin
King of Bangor
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Lee Gambin

Lee Gambin, Author

A Melbourne based playwright, screenwriter, film and theatre essayist and journalist for famed USA horror film magazine Fangoria Lee Gambin has worked in independent theatre for many years as well as Artistic Director of his own independent theatre company. He has worked as a lecturer for numerous film societies and film festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Analyzing Genre Program, Movie Maniacs Intl. and is in current collaboration with famous institutions such as American International Pictures and Famous Monsters of Filmland.

Dione Joseph, Director

Dione Joseph is a theatre maker, director, dramaturge and critic. Having trained and directed theatre in New Zealand, the USA and Australia she is now based in Melbourne working for the Australian Stage and Arts Hub as a freelance writer and reviewer. In addition, she has directed numerous production including collaborations with BOObook Theatre, Eagles Nest Theatre, Melbourne Workers Theatre, MKA Richmond as well as for several independent productions for the Fringe. Her most recent work was the highly acclaimed Student Body by Alana Valentine (2011) preceded by WORKING the Musical (2010) and Cosi (2010).

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