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Aduki Independent Press
Surveying the Wreckage: Ben Pobjie
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Aduki Independent Press

Aduki Independent Press

aduki independent press is a small press based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our focus is non-fiction books, essays and magazines with particular interest in: community, environment, food, migration, politics, social justice and travel.

We publish work by emerging and established authors and cover topics and issues that are often overlooked in mainstream media.

You can expect titles from aduki independent press to provoke discussion and debate and be a source of learning and entertainment. 

Ethical Publishing Guidelines
In the interest of conducting a fair and reputable business, aduki independent press adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Produce quality written works.
  • Seek to represent varied and distinctive authors and material.
  • Fostering of Australian talent and support within publishing industry.
  • Offer contracts that are fair and balanced between the signing parties.
  • Fair payment for author work and general services.
  • Conduct business in a sustainable way, avoiding unnecessary use of energy, paper and materials.
  • Only print books and magazines on 100 per cent recycled paper.
  • Use the most energy efficient print processes available.
  • Strive to maintain a 'no pulping' policy.
  • Promote values of fairness, diversity, individuality and free speech.

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