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1929 Studios
Sweet 'N Hot Swing Dance with Duck Musique
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1929 Studios

1929 Studios

1929 Studios

Nineteen-Twenty-Nine was a year of great change and excitement. On the cusp of a new era, the '20s presented a massive cultural evolution whose prohibition times exploded into Speakeasies and Flappers, Charleston and exposed ankles (phew!)

The 1930s were harder times which saw The Great Depression and WW2. Thankfully they had Swing to keep joy in the hearts of many. Lindy Hop was the diamond in the rough 30s with Frankie Manning and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers travelling and performing around the globe!

In 1929, no one knew what was to happen next. With a culture freed from heavy Victorian rules and customs, guys and gals were shedding their social shackles on the dance floor. We continue to bring you this vintage air of a new world with dance workshops and social events featuring the vernacular jazz dances Lindy Hop, Charleston, & Balboa!


Duck Musique

Duck Musique sprung from humble beginnings back in February 2002 as a guitar duo. Caley, exhausted and poor from too much rock and roll moved in with his father Steve. Their love of Django Reinhardt, Stephan Grappelli and the quintette du hot club de France, provided all the inspiration to establish their repertoire. As the years past so too did the bottles of port, occasional gigs and endless jam sessions that would take place around the kitchen table. In June 2005 the two decided to form a band and recruited Michael Harris on violin and Kelsey James on vocals. After three months of solid rehearsing the band was ready to take on their first spot at the Lomond Hotel. The group has since had many guest bass players such as James Rust, Mark Elton, Andy Ross, Michael Muer and Howard Cannes.


Todd Yannacone

Todd Yannacone
is one of the most recognizable names on the swing dancing circuit today. He has won countless championship titles from the most prestigious competitions around - The American Lindy Hop Championships, The Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, The U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships, The National Jitterbug Championships, The Rhythmic Arts Festival, Lone Star Championships - to name just a few. Todd has been nominated for induction into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, and has been interviewed for articles by Swing Dancer Magazine as well as various other publications.

He teaches vernacular jazz, balboa, lindy hop, and other vintage swing dances both locally and internationally, and loves spreading his passion for social dancing. He has been a featured instructor, performer, and judge at camps, workshops, and competitions the world over - from the legendary Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden to Asia, across North America, all over Europe, and everywhere in between. He specializes in connection and musicality, which is apparent every time he steps on the dance floor. He has worked with dance and music legends alike, and frequently can be found performing and competing with the acclaimed dance troupe to which he belongs, the Silver Shadows.

Ramona Staffeld

A young teaching veteran of 13 years, Ramona's dancing reflects the beauty, rawness, and rhythm, that make lindy hop the best dance in the world. Ramona is known internationally for her wildly graceful style and spontaneity on the dance floor. Her talent was spotted early, for she was only 14 when the late great Frankie Manning asked her to open with him at the Mid-Summer Night Swing series at Lincoln Center.

Ramona calls Melbourne Australia home, but is rarely there due to a busy teaching schedule that takes her to numerous Lindy Hop festivals around the globe.

In class, Ramona values the lead and follow. Her goal is to help students find clarity in their movement, so that they may have more fun and expression on the dance floor. She is perpetually guided by the vision of her greatest teacher, the late Frankie Manning, thank you always. In the end, dancing the lindy hop connects to something greater and beyond the individual. It's a community force that sustains us through the hard times, and gives us a way to celebrate the joys of our lives.

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