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1929 Studios

1929 Studios

About 1929 Studios

Lexi Keeton and Michael Collins founded the Melbourne based swing dance company 1929 Studios in 2010.

brings 10 years of event organization to the table. She started as a chronic volunteer and social networker which led her to gain experience in everything from hosting small parties to running political campaigns and throwing multi day festivals. She found her true place after discovering swing dancing and ran her first dance event called BadAZ Balboa (Phoenix, Arizona) just one year later. She soon moved to Denver, Colorado where for 2 years she was Event Coordinator for the non-profit organization CMDance, hosting 4 events per year including Lindy on the Rocks, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, and Lindy Diversion. After a summer working at Herrang Dance camp in 2009, she was invited to Adelaide to work for the Swing Sesh Dance School as a principal teacher, administrator and organiser. Upon meeting Michael and seeing the potential for fantastic partnership on every level, she packed up her things once more and joined him in the fine city of Melbourne.

1929 Studios was founded to host their first event; Sweet N’ Hot 2011 - a Lindy Hop workshop weekend with Todd Yannacone and Ramona Staffeld. With Lexi’s extensive experience and Michael’s technical and literary finesse, the event was a huge success and provided the launching pad for 1929 Studios to host weekly beginner swing and vintage dance classes, intensive workshops and other major swing events around Melbourne.


Nineteen-Twenty-Nine was a year of great change and excitement. On the cusp of a new era, the '20s presented a massive cultural evolution whose prohibition times exploded into Speakeasies and Flappers, Charleston and exposed ankles (phew!)

The 1930s were harder times which saw The Great Depression and WW2. Thankfully they had Swing to keep joy in the hearts of many. Lindy Hop was the diamond in the rough 30s with Frankie Manning and Whitey's Lindy Hoppers travelling and performing around the globe!

In 1929, no one knew what was to happen next. With a culture freed from heavy Victorian rules and customs, guys and gals were shedding their social shackles on the dance floor. We continue to bring modern Melbourne this vintage air of a new world with dance workshops and social events featuring the vernacular jazz dances Lindy Hop, Charleston, & Balboa!

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Website: http://www.1929studios.com/

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