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Bart Willoughby
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Bart Willoughby

Bart Willoughby

Australia first heard of Bart Willoughby through the band “No Fixed Address” which toured to Aboriginal communities around Australia as well as to some of the biggest music venues in the World including Madison Square Gardens in New York.

After “No Fixed Address” Bart formed his own band “Mixed relations” which gave him the opportunity to come out from behind the drums and develop his music into a big sound fueled by some of the best musicians, black and white, in the country.

Bart’s creation and promotion of Aboriginal Rock-Reggae has made him the most powerful influence in contemporary Aboriginal music outside of the country genre.

Just as Jamaican reggae, Afro-American blues and jazz and inner London Punk movements developed from the music of the grass roots into a world music movement, Bart has laid the musical foundation for the development of a distinctively Australian Aboriginal music that will be every bit as significant, globally, as the new waves of music last century.

Since Mixed Relations Bart has been performing and recording as a solo artist, touring Europe and performing at Australian festivals as well as collaborating with other artists such as David Bridie, Ian Dury, Jackson Browne, Captain Matchbox, John Trudell, Theresa Creed, Shane Howard, Yothu Yindi, Coloured Stone, the Warumpi Band, Tiddas and the Goanna band.

Bart has not given up on drumming though, he also is a member of the successfull Sydney band “Paranoia Club” featuring Louie Burdet.

Bart is an elder in the Aboriginal music family, and as such he takes every opportunity to jam with younger musicians, to connect them to their musical heritage as well as encouraging the new music of the new generation to rise.

As a music tutor and workshop leader Bart is still influencing Aboriginal music as much as the ground-breaking times of “No Fixed Address”.

Bart wrote the song “We Have Survived” which No Fixed Address turned into the anthem of the modern Aboriginal land rights movement, a song played by Aboriginal bands around the country still today.

You can hear the “No Fixed Address” version of the song on the links on the music page. This is from the movie “Wrong Side Of The Road” released in 1981 featuring “No Fixed Address” and “Us Mob”.

This movie was a defining landmark in both the Aboriginal music and film industries. It also raised the issues of the stolen generations decades before the “Rabbit-proof Fence” movie and the federal government’s “Bringing them Home” report.

Bart Willoughby's 1997 solo CD Pathways also contained some pretty powerful tunes like "Ethnic Cleansing", "Message For Young and Old" and the title track. In 2000, most of the tracks from Pathways were re-released as part of the 2-CD set, Frequencies (Streetwise Records/Warners).

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