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The Ancients
The Ancients
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The Ancients

The Ancients

The Ancients in it's current and most longstanding incarnation started in January 2008.

Jonathan Michell was sitting chin deep in the ash of his previous band Mum Smokes and sought some new collaborators with whom to sweep it away.  Bassist Georgina Ward had played in post rockers Radius before hitting the road with Function in the USA.  Raquel Solier had played in Oh Belgium!, Jemima Jemima, and SIR,  with more recent stints with Jens Lekman and New Buffalo.  Her solo performance guise is called Fatti Frances.  And then there is Mark Rodda who had the hermit like projects The Fomors and the mythologised - in extremely limited circles - Grey Ghost of The Field.  He also painted the cover.  You can see that there had been a fair amount of rocking up to this starting point.

Early gigs were shaky, but did they give up because they didn't strike solid gold straight off?  Like prospectors living on gruel, whose clothes are never dry they just sharpened their eyes and panned harder.  Today, The Ancients are like a jewel encrusted runaway ghost train, or a jungle cat escaped from a 19th century industrialist's country estate, prowling the country side with occasional sightings filling bystanders with awe.  
Their new record The Ancients 2 is out now on Sensory Projects. It follows The Ancients released on UK label Moteer.

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