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TaDaa Productions

TaDaa Productions

Katy Brinson: Graduating from NIDA in 1981, her credits are extensive. Katy like’s to think of herself as a ‘working’ actor, meaning that she managed to make a living from my craft for most of those years, avoiding however both fame and fortune! Highlights from her career have been: Death of a Salesman, with Mel Gibson and Warren Mitchell, What the Butler Saw at the Sydney Opera House with Max Phipps, having a go at Blanche in Street Car for MTC high school explorations. TV guest appearances on many Australian dramas like Prisoner, A Country Practice, Blue Heelers, and City Homicide. And, being part of the core cast on Rafferty’s Rules, as the legal aid solicitor, which was renowned for its ‘one take’ court room scenes: a writer’s paradise, an actor’s dream, and theatre on television.  A Huggies commercial where she spent a week bonding with various babies so that they could capture that magic ‘must be love moment’ which eventuated in a 5 year rollover. She feels privileged to ‘come back’ to theatre with this production ? JOY !

Emily Thomas: As an experienced traveller of the infamous Brisbane to Ipswich train line, Emily has a very personal relationship with the story, themes and characters of ‘The Return’. A 2009 graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts, Emily has just completed a highly successful season in Kate Herbert’s ‘Lawyers, Drugs & Money’ (La Mama) for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Prior to VCA, Emily studied performance at QUT, and following two drama degrees and many years of training and experience primarily on the stage and in voiceover work, Emily now intends on directing more attention to her film and TV work. Her performance credits while at VCA include ‘Invisible Stains’ (dir. Tanya Gerstle), Moliere’s ‘The Bourgeois Gentleman’ (dir. Gary Down), ‘Vinegar Tom’ (dir. Brian Lipson), Four Twins (dir. Paul Terrell), Julius Caesar and Uncle Vanya (dir. Kirsten von Bibra).

Brendan McCallum: Brendan is a graduate of VCA Company 2007. Since that time he has toured to the Adelaide Fringe in 2008 as Lt Ralph Clark in Our Country’s Good with the Preferred Play Company, served as Assistant Director for IF Theatre’s production of Half and Half in 2009, and has appeared in City Homicide (Seven) and Saved (SBS). He is currently touring three shows with Complete Works Theatre Company; a one hour poetry show called The Word Superb; the titular character in Macbeth; and Friar Laurence, Mercutio and the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. His latest short film, Of Land and Bounty by Lucas Crandles and Dark Heart Productions, is available to view at their website. A published writer, Brendan is a founding contributor of SPARK Online, and his first full-length play If it Bleeds is nearing production.

Anthony Winnick: Whether playing with his band Applejack, on stage, in film or tv, Anthony loves to perform. Since graduating from VCA in 2007 he has been appearing in and around Melbourne in many weird and wonderful places. He has performed for schools across Victoria as Giles in The Crucible, with IF Theatre in Daniel Keene's Half and Half, also teaching children about sustainability through performance as part of Our Planet Enterprises. Whilst looking forward to the upcoming launch of his band Applejack's debut EP, Inconception (check it out at he is very excited to have the opportunity to perform in such a high quality Australian play and hopes you enjoy The Return.

TaDaa founder and producer of The Return: James Taylor is proud to be part of an entertaining and confronting piece, “The Return will confront and challenge the audience ... this Australian work covers issues that occur everyday in public places and is becoming more and more topical.”

“Although we like to tell ourselves we would be brave enough to step in, once confronted you don’t really know how you may react,” Taylor explained.

Writer's Notes:

Reg Cribb explains that “The Return was triggered by an accident I witnessed on a suburban train – in front of a handful of commuters, two bitter, disenfranchised young men psychologically tortured a young female law student ... Apart from the claustrophbic confines of a train carraige being the perfect setting for an intense drama, the incident seemed to embody a lot of the frustration being felt in Australia today.”

“Drugs, mandatory sentencing, suburban alienation, the rapid acceleration and pressures of globalisation, and the absence of strong male role models are factors that have conspired to create this situation – we are losing our young men, not to war, but to an insidious battleground of the inner psyche. And women, more often than not, become the battle-scarred victims,” Cribb concluded.

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