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Runners / The Hazelman Brothers / Monte Morgan
Runners / The Hazelman Brothers / Monte Morgan
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Runners / The Hazelman Brothers / Monte Morgan

Runners / The Hazelman Brothers / Monte Morgan

With a sound born in the Inner North Suburban Delta of Melbourne, Runners are slowly bringing their pot of country, pop and soul to a boil.  Above slow and steady bass lines and smooth vocal harmonies are spun tales of lost love, global warming, outback homocide and everyday tradgedy.

The Hazelman Brothers
are Chris, Mick and Stu Hazelman. They've been playing live together since they were teenagers, and writing songs for even longer. It must be something in the blood that produces stunning 3-part harmonies, combined with intricate 3-part guitar layering and a stomp box. Their songwriting harks back to the story telling troubadours of old, with evocative lyrics sung in unashamedly Australian voices. The result is a unique blend of melancholy-folk, acoustic-pop and country-fingerpicking with a healthy dose of weird time signatures.

Monte Morgan
, a.k.a. The Fruity Preacher, is a Melbourne based singer, dancer and MIDI extrodinaire who, for the past two years, has been brewing his debut opus Disco Sounds in the Land of Marsupial. Enlisting the skills of triple denim playing prodigy Lochie Bradfield on guitars and drums, The Fruity Preacher has scoured our desert island in search of the finest fruits, flowers and mineral energy. Driven by a metaphysical need to syncopate hips, this sound is not one to shy from strategy; fun, colour, happiness and a little bit a sexy time baby

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