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Ainslie Wills
Ainslie Wills 'Somebody for Everyone' EP Launch
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Ainslie Wills

Ainslie Wills

Following on from her self-titled EP in 2007, her latest offering  'Somebody for Everyone' is a moody love-and-love-lost-inspired EP that has already gained fans with the first single 'Wide Load' receiving National-radio play.

This songstress, who hails from country NSW, started her musical career at a young age learning the piano from her Aunt and was exposed to everything from Barbara Streisand to Mozart. However, after hearing  Jeff Buckley’s 'Grace'  while still in high school, Ainslie started  composing her own songs and was inspired her to pursue her musical path.

In late 2006 Ainslie released a self-titled  EP that was made in the comfort of her bedroom. ‘Green Coloured Glass’ was the first single from this EP and it was this song that gave her the opportunity to support Aria- Award- winning- singer- songwriter Missy Higgins on the Victorian leg of her National tour.

This  latest offering  'Somebody for Everyone' was recorded in Taggerty, Victoria in 2009 by Joe Talia (City, City, City/ Ned Collete+Wirewalker) with Lawrence Folvig(Bass/Guitars) and Mirra Seigerman (Drums/Percussion.)

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Website: http://www.myspace.com/ainsliewills

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