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DJ Tom Lowndes
Funk Me Up, Scotty
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DJ Tom Lowndes

DJ Tom Lowndes

DJ Tom Lowndes is a stalwart of the Sydney comedy scene. As a founding member of legendary impro crew Puppy Fight Social Club, he's played at comedy venues around Australia.

Tom began djing in 2001, and as a bet entered the DJ comp at the Peppermint Lounge nightclub in Kings Cross. He came comfortably last, however he was good friends with the manager so got the gig. Since then he's played everywhere from bush doofs, to fancy restaurants, pubs, clubs and brothels, playing anything except house music, pop, top fourty, and techno.

These days he plays mainly at comedy venues, with a  strict emphasis on classic funk records. Think James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker, Sharon Jones, Aretha Franklin and you're getting close.

In 2008 he first came to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, as DJ for the hit sketch comedy crew 'Comicide', and loved every second of it. This year he returns as a member of 'Puppy Fight Social Club,' and can't wait to play some funk at Trades.

In his day job, Tom is one of Australia's leading sound designers, working on Underbelly, Sea Patrol, and many other good and bad TV shows and films.

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